About Sedona Supplements


About Sedona Supplements

From the Founders of Sedona Supplements

We might address you “Dear Customer” or “Dear Affiliate” – but to us, you are a friend. We started this venture with a vision – to make an important impact with our products. An impact that is very much needed now. It is no secret that our precious planet needs help. Because the planetary conditions are compromised, we too are negatively impacted and our health often reflects that. Vital minerals, oxygen and other nutrients are diminished causing our resilience and resistance to illness to lessen. Our product line is literally the solution, we consider them Survival Foods. Each one is designed for a specific remedy or overall general well-being – and liquid solutions are 90% more effective for cellular absorption. Our commitment is that we will make these important products available at the best possible price and we’ll NEVER compromise the quality of our formulas.

We are not a large “Corporate” company. We are two people in Sedona, AZ who started with a little dream that grew into a big vision. When you become a customer or affiliate, you too are part of this vision. When we get testimonials from people who have been helped, that’s what proves to us that our sacrifices and efforts were worth it. In fact, as we have seen in films like The Secret, the power of your words has sometimes more influence than big advertising campaigns.

Sedona Supplements is committed to producing the highest quality, most potent nutriceuticals available. By their very nature, these products Detox, Rejuvenate, Regenerate and provide protection for the body on a cellular level in order to achieve optimum health and add quality years to one’s life.
We are also distributors for several manufacturers whose products are synergistic with our philosophy and greatly contribute to our line.
Because we are exposed to toxins in the air, food, water and chemicals, we must continually work against the damage these toxins cause. Sedona Supplements is the answer!

Sedona Supplements
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