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SEDONA O2, the world’s premier preventative medicine and survival formula, is the key to health and longevity. It delivers 131 micronutrients to every cell in your body and contains a blend of 28 metabolic enzymes,18 amino acids, and 85 trace minerals electrically charged in a proprietary base of humic-fulvic deuterium. By using scalar physics, S-O2 provides 100% optimal cellular nutrient absorption. This advanced multi-nutrient, immunological oxygen plus hydrogen-generating formula is rich with electrolytes. For anti-aging, it also enhances biochemical activities to restore your body’s optimum functionality.

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SEDONA O2  – 131 Micronutrients with Fulvic Acid
Oxygenator – Energizer – Detoxes, too!
More Power than Cell Food
Excellent pH Balancer, Measurable Oxygenation, Increases Alertness, Better Stamina

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