Sedona 02 Survival Formula


SEDONA-02, the world’s premier preventative medicine and survival formula, is the key to health and longevity. It delivers 131 micronutrients to every cell in your body and contains a blend of 28 metabolic enzymes,18 amino acids, and 85 trace minerals electrically charged in a proprietary base of humic-fulvic deuterium. By using scalar physics, S-02 provides 100% optimal cellular nutrient absorption. This advanced multi-nutrient, immunological oxygen plus hydrogen-generating formula is rich with electrolytes. For anti-aging, it also enhances biochemical activities to restore your body’s optimum functionality.

The noticeable result? You’ll feel it and will never want to be without it.

Healing Power of Oxygen

SEDONA-02 also destroys free radicals with the enzyme catalase. Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide, a metabolic waste product in the body, and liberates oxygen for the body to use. Plants, cut flowers, and pets all flourish with SEDONA-02.
It has no side effects, is non-toxic, and can be taken by children as well as adults. It’s an excellent travel companion and is not affected by airport X-ray machines and other electro-magnetic influences. It is totally stable and becomes stronger over time. Additionally, SEDONA-02 is an outstanding way to purify water.

Directions: Pour 8 drops of S-02 in 8 oz. purified water or juice, stir and drink. Optimum use is 3 times a day and especially during stress or physical activity. Ideally to be taken no less than 15 minutes before meals or one hour after meals. Some prefer to prepare a water bottle full and sip the mixture throughout the day.

Benefits You May Experience

  • Excellent pHBalancer
  • Measurable Oxygenation
  • Increases Alertness
  • Better stamina
  • Athletic Results

SEDONA 02 is the perfect companion for Master Detox and Z LIFE

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