Special Delivery Colostrum

Special Delivery Colostrum

Special Delivery Colostrum

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid secreted by the mammary glands of mammals and humans for up to 48 hours. It serves as life’s first food for newborns during those first crucial hours of life. Many specialized immune modulators and growth factors are found in high concentrations to stimulate over 50 different mission critical processes. These include the rapid development of competent immunity and the growth and maturation of all life-sustaining body tissues.

This may be why research at both CDC and NIH shows that children who are breast-fed have far fewer childhood diseases than those fed on formula.

Used as a natural, whole-food remedy for thousands of years, now medical research shows that adult humans can also receive the full range of benefits from bovine colostrum supplementation.


Studies are now showing significant gains in fitness with colostrum supplementation. A study in Australia found a 20% increase in strength, stamina and shortened recovery time.


Colostrum also provides a potent array of immune factors including immune-globulins, cytokines, interferon, lactoferrin and transfer factor. Supplementation of these factors can dramatically restore immunity, prevent infection and speed healing and recovery from illness.

Repair Tissue & Reverse Aging

Colostrum’s growth factors stimulate regeneration and repair of muscle, bone, cartilage, skin, collagen and nerve tissues, as well as RNA and DNA. This means faster, more complete recovery from injury and illness. It is also how colostrum stimulates age-erasing effects.

Special Delivery Colostrum is unique and effective!

Why? It is micro-encapsulated to survive the stomach acids so that it can be absorbed in the small intestine. This means that you can take less and get more benefit. It is more economical and gives the advantages that your body so well deserves. Colostrum is rich with many assets to bring to your body on countless levels. Research is extensive for this powerful supplement. Refer to our website for more important information.

Benefits You May Experience  –

  • Immune Support
  • Growth Factors Benefits
  • Excellent Anti-Aging
  • Improved Digestion
  • Repairs Intestinal Lining
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Microbial

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